Go and set the world on fire!

The Ignatian spiritual tradition is, deep down, oriented toward mission. Spiritual practices like the Examen are designed to bring our own desires into alignment with God’s desires for us and for the world. In a way, when those desires align, we are set on fire for service to the Gospel and to the world. This holy fire is the perfect and only answer to the destructive fires that currently consume our world in ways that are too numerous to count. John O’Keefe
To be contained in the tiniest and not be limited by the greatest. St Ignatius

This virtue – of the large and small – is magnanimity. Thanks to magnanimity, we can always look at the horizon from the position where we are. That means being able to do the little things of every day with a big heart open to God and to others. That means being able to appreciate the small things inside large horizons, those of the kingdom of God. Pope Francis