The Exercises are not only the source of your spirituality and the matrix of your Constitutions but also a gift which the Spirit of the Lord has made to the entire Church. It is your task to continue to make them a valuable and effective means for the spiritual growth of souls, for their initiation to prayer, to meditation in this secularized world where God seems to be absent. In a time like ours when the confusion and multiplicity of messages and the speed of changes and situations makes it particularly difficult for our contemporaries to put order into their lives and respond with determination and joy to the call the Lord addresses to each one of us, the Spiritual Exercises are a particularly precious means and method with which to seek God, within us, around us and in all things, to know his will and to put it into practice. 
Benedict XVI

The Gift
Francis Xavier’s friends intervene when he takes a wrong turn on his spiritual quest.

The Strength
Discernment demands interiority‚Ķ It’s like becoming musical. 

The Prayer
How to recognize the Spirit moving within you.

12 Hallmarks of Jesuit Spirituality